8 Ways to Prep Your Body for Pregnancy


I'll bet flossing your teeth, buying a new water bottle, and eating full-fat ice cream are not on your list of things you think you should do to get pregnant and prep your body for impending motherhood. Fit Sugar includes these on a surprising but informative list of 8 Ways to Prep Your Body for Pregnancy.

Here are the details on the three I mentioned, but click the above link for the rest of the advice ...


Flossing -- Preliminary research indicates that poor oral health might actually affect fertility.

Water bottles -- It's important to stay hydrated, and the BPA in some older bottles may hinder fertility and your baby's development.

Full-fat dairy -- Eating one full-fat serving of dairy such as whole milk on your cereal, yogurt made with whole milk, or real ice cream, can increase your chances of getting pregnant when you're trying to conceive.

What habits and practices did you adopt pre- and during pregnancy?


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