Bathing Buddies Shower Sling: Take It or Leave It?

baby shower sling

Photo from Bathing Buddies

Bathing a newborn can be a little bit stressful at first—babies get slippery when wet! But this week's take it or leave it may give you an alternative to a traditional baby bath tub.


Item: Bathing Buddies Baby Shower Sling

Cost: $25

What it does: This soft mesh sling allows you to take baby into the shower with you rather than having to clean him in a slippery tub or trying to wash him in the shower with one arm while hold him in the other.

Pros: Many babies dislike baths and this is one way for you to hold and soothe your baby and get him clean. Like any sling, it promotes bonding and it comes in several sizes. You'll be able to sneak in a shower without worrying about your baby.

Cons: Some babies may not like the shower.

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