What If Your Doctor/Midwife Can't Make Your Delivery?

doctor missing birth

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Some people snicker at the thought of a birth plan. But I like the idea of having a plan. Sure...things don't always go as expected, but it's good to have a plan A. What about a plan B? Plan C?

One mom I know ended up having strangers deliver both her babies because her doctor was unavailable at go-time. Another mom had an unplanned home birth.

As a first-time mama-to-be, this possiblity is super scary to me.


My OBGYN office has three possible doctors that will be with me during the birth of my twins. While I love them all, I am partial to one...because she is a mom of twins as well. I'm sure one of the three will be there, but what if they aren't? And what if my doula is at another birth and I get her backup?

What if I forget all the knowledge I am arming myself with in the delivery room? What if my husband draws a blank, too?

OK, I won't get overly paranoid, but having a plan B and C sure does sound like a good idea.

Are you prepared for the possibility of your doctor or midwife being unavailable? Have you talked to your doctor about it?


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