Michelle Duggar's Vagina Writes Her a Letter

Michelle Duggar pregnant

Photo from TLC/Michelle with baby #18

As many of you know, Michelle Duggar has 19 kids.

And Michelle's vagina didn't actually write her a letter, but a writer on Momversation penned a note that is causing quite a stir.

I can't wait to hear what CafeMoms think ....


You can read "A Letter to Michelle Duggar from her Vagina" in its entirety by following that link, but here are some excerpts:

Hi, it's Francine ... your vagina.It seems sort of silly to introduce myself since we are so close. Or at least I thought we were, but then I had to go and read on the Internet that you are having yet another kid. 

There's simply no way you can give each of those kids the personal attention he needs. You're too busy making and popping out kids to pay attention to the ones who aren't currently latching. And using your older children as surrogate parents is a recipe for immature behavior down the road.

Quite frankly, I blame Octomom on you.

There's more -- and here are two comments with very different reactions:

"Heartbreaking to know that one person finds it necessary to attack another this way."

"LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! oh c'mon, this is absolutely HYSTERICAL."

What do you think? Was "Francine" too harsh?

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