Write Your Unborn Child a Letter

letter to unborn baby

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If I was to write a letter to my twins right now, this is what it would say:

Dear twins,

I really cannot wait to meet you, but do you think you can stop kicking me in my cervix? That would make mama really happy.

Also, maybe we can use the kicks to our advantage. Dad and I are having a hard time with choosing names, so maybe we can tell you a name and you can kick if you like it. Just not to the cervix, remember?

I hope you mind me playing the new Bonnie 'Prince' Billy record over and over. I know, I know...I should expand our repertoire. I'll look into that.




I would write other letters, too, of course.

Some moms may want to write only serious letters -- and I love that idea. I'll probably do a balance. Maybe the next letter will be about what I want most for them -- and that's quite simple really. I want them to have happiness.

And I also hope I live up to their expectations. I want nothing more for my kids to be able to be confident in themselves and to follow their dreams, and that's something I have to teach them.

Have you written a letter to your unborn baby or babies? What would you want to write?

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