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pregnant sex

My favorite 'smooch my husband' photo

(besides our wedding day)

At one meeting with my doula, we talked about sex. Not the sex of my twins, but sex sex -- as in sex with my husband. I laughed because it's just not really happening lately. Nausea throughout my first and some of my second trimester made getting it on nearly impossible and now in my final stretch of my second trimester, I'm just not feeling it. Wait, let me clarify that.


There are moments when I'm really feeling it -- but the last time that happened we were in the self-serve aisle of IKEA. And while the store wasn't very crowded, we didn't do the deed. Ha! Can you imagine looking for bin 23 and instead seeing a pregnant lady and her man having sex? That would make the six o'clock news.

So while I do agree that the second trimester brings strong sexual desires, it's never the opportune time for me. But hubs and I still find time to be romantic and we come up with other ways besides penetration (which can be uncomfortable) that works for us. (Now's the time to look away if you are offended easily.) Read: mutual masturbation.

My doula thought this was great -- she was happy to hear my hubs and I were staying intimate and in tune with each other. She also suggested some "just the tip" kind of sex, kissing, and cuddling. Great ideas.

I found some ladies talking about sex during pregnancy on CafeMom and here are some varying comments on the subject....

  • My hormones are going crazy and I am more hot and heavy than my man.
  • I am turned on slightly less during this pregnancy.
  • Best position for sex during pregnancy is from behind because then my baby belly isn't a distraction.
  • I can turn anything into something sexual. I was in the store with a girlfriend and she was looking at this chair and I was thinking what a chair to have for the sex positions.  
  • Orgasms are better then ever...because of the extra blood flow and nerves are pushed more to the surface.
  • They do say that a good round of sex and orgasms will help induce labor.
  • Sex for me lately hurts when I have it, not burning, but sore and tender and then comes the cramps in the stomach!
  • What is crazy for me is that I'm turned on, but it shuts off quickly if I don't act on it fast.
  • [Having sex from] behind hurts me some (it puts more pressure on my belly area). I like to be on my back, but with hubby sitting up.
  • Honestly, I just prefer getting oral right now...however, from the side is good, too.

Can you relate to these? Want to share you sex story or feelings during pregnancy?

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