Cool Ideas for the Nursery

Depending on your personality, setting up the nursery can be a majorly fun creative undertaking or a big stress-inducer. I know we obsessed for ages over picking the "just right" paint color for our son (we went with a sweet, soft green.)

Some mamas around here have awesome ideas and tons of enthusiasm for setting up baby's room. I've pulled together a few of the good ideas -- and I'm just scratching the surface. Use this as a jumping off point.


A couple of moms -- Sinia and mycheyl -- said in Pregnancy that they were looking for cool nursery ideas or places to find unusual things for the baby's room. Here's a sampling of what moms suggested:

Try Etsy, where you can find handmade everything, including beautiful items for the nursery (also Handmade Product Marketplace and CafeMom Etsy Moms.)

Jes221 suggests getting crafty yourself -- go to the fabric store, pick out something you love, and use it in the nursery. She bought a glider second-hand and is recovering it with fabric she bought.

LittleRing79 said she found unusual baby stuff -- they have crib bedding, Boppy covers, and more -- on Saari Design.

Havahsmommy recommends wildchild.pdx.

A couple of moms suggested the Dwell Studio line at Target -- for more mod-nursery ideas, hook up with Modern Moms.

MomAgainAgain advises scouting for cool, one-of-a-kind baby things at flea markets and garage sales and then painting them a color you love.

jess27579 asked about decorating a nursery on the cheap -- aatmwilson said she managed to set up hers for about $100 -- you go, girl! She bought her crib on craigslist, re-painted a second-hand dresser, and painted frames for cute nursery pics she found online.

Last, for broader thoughts on making room for a baby in your home, check out Cafe Sheri's Home Tour with SouleMama -- she's a crafty mom of three and has a baby on the way.

Whew! So, what about you? Where are you finding things for your nursery? What's your favorite item so far?

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