A Short But Special Life

trisomy 13 baby in dallasThe Dallas Morning News is reporting on a painfully tragic and yet undeniably beautiful story about a pregnant mom.

A 38-year-old Carrollton, Texas woman, Deirdrea Laux, and her husband T.K., learned during an ultrasound that their unborn baby boy had trisomy 13, a rare and often fatal birth defect in which the baby almost always dies shortly after birth.

The couple chose to keep the child, and a Dallas Morning News reporter spent the final three months of the pregnancy with the Lauxes, through the birth and the days that followed. The baby's name was Thomas.


"Thomas was meant to be theirs," T.K. told the doctors, according to the article. "He had purpose. However brief his life might be, it was a gift."

The reporter accompanied the couple to church, where they dedicated Thomas to God, to the funeral home to shop for a casket, and to many of Deirdrea Laux's doctor visits. Throughout her entire pregnancy, Deirdrea felt the baby kicking and growing, and the couple continued to pray for a miracle.

It's hard to read the story and even more heart-wrenching to watch it -- here's a link to the video story of Thomas Laux.

I'd love to know your thoughts -- about the couple's choice, the video, the risks of pregnancy ... What is your reaction to this story?


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