Wedding Ring Won't Fit My Swollen Finger

puffy fingers wedding ringIt happened -- at 23 weeks, my fingers are swollen and I can't wear my wedding rings anymore. Sigh.

I also can barely get my fat ankles in my boots, but that's a whole other deal.

It feels weird not to have rings on my finger, so I substituted with another ring as not to feel naked. First I put on a cocktail ring with a huge fake topaz stone and my hubs thought it was obnoxious. Which it was, but fun. For a day.

Now I'm wearing this pretty ruby stone ring that belonged to my mom. It actually has two rubies and two little diamonds -- kind of symbolizing my soon-to-be family of four.


I also sent a link to my husband of a band I found on that's a good price. Yep. That's my not-so-subtle hint. It would make a great push what if it comes early?

One CafeMom had the idea of buying a cubic zirconia ring that fits her ring finger so she can wear that during her puffy pregnancy finger stage.

Another mom suggested wearing wedding rings on a chain around your neck.

I thought about wearing them as a necklace, but I was afraid the chain would break and I'd lose the rings. Maybe I'm just being overly paranoid.

Are you still able to fit into your rings? If not, what did you do when they no longer fit?

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