8 Reasons to Try Prenatal Yoga

Have you tried prenatal yoga? I know tons of baby mamas-to-be who take classes.

I spoke to Debra Flashenberg, Director of the Prenatal Yoga Center in New York and also an experienced labor support doula, about what makes it such a great exercise practice for pregnant women.


Flashenberg has been teaching prenatal yoga for seven years, and she recently completed a Midwifery Assistant Program, in addition to her experience as a labor doula -- so she's pretty up on the topic.

Here are some reasons to consider giving it a try -- and how Flashenberg says it can help with labor and delivery:

  • It strengthens the entire body to help support the added weight of pregnancy.
  • It builds strength and stamina for labor -- the world's oldest athletic event!
  • It promotes flexibility and suppleness, which can help prevent injury and discomfort.
  • It promotes relaxation to prepare for the ultimate exercise in letting go.
  • It improves circulation in a time when blood and water volume in the body is massively increased.
  • It offers an opportunity to focus on just yourself and your baby.
  • It can help teach you to cater to your individual needs and to your individual body -- prenatal yoga is not "one size fits all," and neither is labor.
  • It helps develop a sense of community and lets you connect with others going through the same thing.

You could check out a class in your area if you live someplace where yoga studios abound -- it you don't, try the free yoga videos from the Prenatal Yoga Center. And connect with Yoga Mamas -- sweet 824 posted about doing yoga during pregnancy, and moms got back to her with encouragement and a DVD recommendation (The New Method: Baby and Mom Prenatal Yoga.)

For pregnancy lifestyle and health tips from Flashenberg, check out her blog.

Have you taken a prenatal yoga class? Do you feel it's helping prepare you for labor and delivery?

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