Wet Happened? Wet Bag: Take It or Leave It?

wet happened? wet bag

Photo from Mini Me Baby Gear

It's Take It or Leave It Tuesday, and this week the product to consider is this pretty wet bag (it comes in other patterns too). Read on for the details and let me know what you think.


Item: Itzy Ritzy Wet Happened? Wet Bag

Cost: $15 - $22, depending on fabric and size chosen

What it does: A place to store your wet baby items—dirty diapers, soiled clothing, bibs—when you're on the go, so they don't get your clean, dry things wet or dirty.

Pros : Super stylish on the outside (comes in about 25 different patterns), but super sturdy on the inside (it's lined with a polyurethane laminate). It's made with two layers— the zippered top secures contents so smells stay where they belong. It's easy to wash.

Cons: It's more of a want than a need if you're trying to whittle down your list.

What do you think?


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