Would You Buy a Cute Hospital Gown for Birth?















No matter what clothes you bring to the hospital for the birth of your baby or babies, you end up in a hospital gown. And that gown, as most of us know, isn't very...um...comfortable. Or cute for that matter, but not sure if many of us really care about how we look when we are about to give birth.

I mean, I think I will care now as I prepare for it in December, but when the time comes, I'm, sure I'll have other things to worry about.

But for those interested in an alternative, two women designed a hospital gown that they say is fashion meets function. 


It's called the DIgNI-tee and it's made by Pam Corby and Julie Papa "who understand the plight of those faced with issues of chronic illness, maternity, and women from all walks of life who simply aren't willing to compromise their comfort and individuality by dressing in a flimsy excuse for a garment when under the care of a medical professional."

Ah ha -- well said!

The DIgNi-tee is 100 percent cotton and provides the right amount of coverage, yet has plastic snaps down the sides and arms for easy access.

Available in black, raspberry, chocolate, and moss green, DIgNI-tee ($30) comes in sizes small to extra large and is available in black, raspberry, chocolate, and moss green.

I would get the black one -- always a good color for me.

What do you think? Would you buy your own hospital gown?

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