Unexpected Musts for Hospital Bag

hospital bag what to pack

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who just gave birth in this photo -- gorgeous!

My husband wants us to start thinking about and preparing the hospital bag. I'm 25 weeks -- isn't he cute?

But it is a good idea because it's one of those things that can be forgotten about and who wants to be throwing things in a bag at the last minute?

I realized one thing I want in the bag -- slippers that will not be returning with me home. I want to get a cheap pair that will be my hospital stay only slippers and I'll throw them out before I leave so I don't trek any possible germs home with me.

I'm a slight germaphobe.

Many of us know the hospital bag essentials, but what about those unexpected musts? I've got a list!

CafeMoms attest that you'll be glad you had these additional items in your hospital bag:

  • Plastic flip flops for use in the shower. (Smart!)
  • Your own slippers and bathrobe. (I like the disposable slipper idea!)
  • A comfy and loose outfit to go home in, especially if you have a c-section.
  • Your own pillow, maybe even your own blanket.
  • Laptop.
  • CDs and DVDs.
  • Food.
  • Lavender Glade Plug In (to make the room smell nice and soothing).
  • Extra batteries/charger for the camera.
  • Maxi pads (hospital pads are huge). *Thanks to comments below, it's noted that huge pads are very necessary.
  • Boardgames.
  • Extra underwear and not the good kind. 

Have any other unexpected musts for the hospital bag? Do tell!


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RanaA... RanaAurora

Hospital pads are huge for a reason, silly people.

MoM.i.aM MoM.i.aM

I won't be bringing my own pads. They have me huge ones with DS and when I commented to the nurse she chuckled. Little did I know in two hours I would go pee and that pad was full! I am talking FULL! Maxis will be a waste of money when you have to change them every 10 minutes.

Laura... Laura_Cruz

I have my xbox and some games in there too. my family is notorious for long time spans before the baby comes out, and i want to show my husband even though i am in pain i can still school him at whatever game he picks


katie... katiedid2010

I'm planning on buying an inexpensive (but comfy) bathrobe that I can toss if I want when I go home...I anticipate things being quite *ahem* messy, so I want something that I don't mind ruining.  Same concept as the disposable slippers.

Kryst... Krystal.Ingalls

What are disposable slippers?  I've never heard of them.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

I just mean slippers that are super cheap and I will throw away -- not take home with me since they will be all over the hospital floor.

Also, thanks for the tips on needing thick maxi pads! :)

fmchavez fmchavez

Yeah, you need those thick pads. Lip balm is a must! If you have long hair, bring lots of hair ties and/or clips.

teach... teachermama81

I used Depends for the first day after birth, they rocked.

Queen... QueenOfNagsHead

I agree with what everyone says,lol. But FM, I know from experience to bring hair ties! lol When I had my twins, I only brought one hair tie(the one I wore there) And of course I lost it, so eveytime I had a visitor, I asked for a hair tie. lol Eventually my husband went to the dollar tree & bought me a whole pack lol

thesw... thesweetlife

Don't forget toiletries (spell check, lol) and I took a lil' makeup. There are a ton of pictures taken as you are pulling up home, and let's face it you are sooo pail and the dark circles are BIG!

ALSO, It's okay to wash your slippers and robe. ;)

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