Hemorrhoids vs. Morning Sickness

hemorrhoids morning sickness

Photo from Earth Mama Angel Baby

My morning sickness ended around 16 weeks -- and it was bad. Twins. They say it lasts longer. I still have my occasional dry heave, particularly when brushing my teeth or if I move too much right after I eat, but overall it's gone. And that was a huge relief.

But next up is hemorrhoids.


I have a book on the body's changes each week and hot damn I am textbook with some of these things. I'm at 23 weeks and it's when they say hemorrhoids may happen.

I was warned, yes. But I thought...that won't happen to me. Ha! I even had Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm, but didn't think I would need it. Ha again!

Well, "Roi" made his appearance and I'm cranky as all heck.

It makes me want my morning sickness back. Can I trade?

The Bottom Balm is working nicely though -- feels like I put a mint in my tookus (code word for butt).

Did you have hemorrhoids and/or morning sickness? Which did you think was worse?

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