Glucose Testing: What Was It Like?

glucose testSometime between 26 and 28 weeks of pregnancy, many women take the glucose screening test to check for gestational diabetes.

It's kind of confusing for a first time mom. I had thoughts like Why do I need that? I don't have diabetes. Am I at risk? What would a positive result mean for my twins?

And then I heard what the test entails: Drinking a super sugary drink within five minutes, wait about an hour, and then your blood is drawn to check your blood sugar levels and how it processed the glucose. And you can't throw up after you drink it or you have to come another time to repeat procedure.

Should I panic? I cannot drink anything fast except milk. Weird, I know. And if it's a super sweet drink, that's going to be even harder to get down.


A friend of mine recently took the test and said while it was gross, it wasn't that bad. Maybe it's a case of one of those things you fear more beforehand and then when it's over, you're like...ah...OK, that was easy. (That's what I'm hoping child birth will be like -- ha ha.)

It's estimated four percent of pregnant women get gestational diabetes. If you already have diabetes, then you would already be under special care, so this stat doesn't include those women.

If your glucose screen came back with high levels of blood sugar, you'd have to do more testing during another visit. The next round is three hours long and involves fasting prior to testing. If those levels come back high, there's even more testing, plus a doctor may work with you on changes to your diet so you and baby (or babies) are healthy.

Did you take the glucose screening test? Share your story.

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