Would You Wear a Maternity Jumpsuit?

maternity jumpsuit

Photo from Forever 21

Guest blog from Lucky magazine editor and CafeMom Meredith Rollins. She has a two-year-old son and is pregnant with her second, due in September.

I'm all for comfortable clothes, and I'm all for looking as stylish as possible while pregnant. Which brings me to one of the biggest fashion statements of the season: jumpsuits.

A lot of CafeMoms don't like the jumpsuit...but what about as maternity wear?

I, like my toddler, am happy in a onesie. I love pajamas. And I think a nice, black, simply-cut jumpsuit -- if you wore it with the right shoes and maybe a big necklace -- could be good. So I went looking.


First, I found this sleeveless maternity jumpsuit from Pea in the Pod, now marked down to $169.99 -- which seems like a whole lot for something that's this trendy.

There's a bamboo version from Rockstarmoms, which comes in at $150....and still feels kind of steep to me.

My pick? This pleasantly-priced $24.80 Jeanie Jumpsuit from Forever 21. Stretchy enough to fit a baby bump, subtle and elegant (as these things go) and super-comfortable.

Would you EVER wear a jumpsuit? Tell me!

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