My Girls-Only 22 Weeks Pregnant

girls only vacation

Going on a nature walk

My friend Tina has a house in upstate NY and invited some girl friends to spend a couple of days. It happened to fall on the same weekend as my niece's 2nd birthday, and after feeling guilty and selfish, then my sister urging me to go, I went.

Great decision!

It was like a babymoon, only bonding with friends instead.


So what do six friends do in the woods with a 22 week pregnant with twins friend?

We walked around Woodstock and Phoenicia -- two really great towns -- went food shopping, took in some nature, saw deer, cooked food together, played Badminton (I stayed in one spot on the court), read trashy magazines, downloaded Real Housewife Kim's song Tardy for the Party because we had to hear it, watched McSteamy's tape, and rented two super scary movies.

girls only vacation

Reading trashy mags

Good times!

The first movie we watched was called High Tension and much of it takes place in a house in the woods...a stranger rings the doorbell in the middle of the night.... I won't spoil the movie in case you want to watch it, but it had us screaming and when one person screams, I scream automatically.

I couldn't sit through the second movie -- my eyes and throat needed a rest, but when the girls screamed from the other room, I screamed, too. Then we would all crack up laughing.

My friends all acted as my caretaker -- my husband's and doctor's phone numbers were on the fridge and everyone made sure I was comfortable, ate enough, and drank enough water (and lemonade, my favorite). 

I love my friends -- Tina, Gretchen, Melody, Valerie, are going to be such great aunties to my twins. Thanks for such a great weekend!

Have you spent some alone time with your friends during your pregnancy? (I highly recommend it.)

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