Should I Be Getting a Mom Haircut?

mom haircut

Photo from Lucky magazine

Guest blog from Lucky magazine editor and CafeMom Meredith Rollins. She has a two-year-old son and is pregnant with her second, due in September.

I've always had pretty long hair, but these days with the sticky-fingered toddler son, and the 90-degree heat, and the new baby on the way I'm thinking of cutting it all off.

But short hair has always felt a little mom-ish to me. Then Lucky posted this insanely fun to browse Hair Lookbook, which shows dozens upon dozens of cute styles, and I started changing my mind.


How adorable is this little cropped hairstyle? I'm not sure it would be that much harder to style than my current scruffy ponytail. And there would be nothing for the new baby to get his little hands tangled up in.

Am I deluding myself? Is short hair harder to maintain than long hair? Should a pregnant mom cut her hair so it's easier when baby arrives? And which are your favorite styles?

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