Gated Play Yard: Take It or Leave It?

gate play yard for babies and toddlers

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Bouncy seats and doorway jumpers are two ways to keep your baby in a safe, stationary play area while you get some things done around the house. Another option is a gated play yard, like this one from North States.


Item: North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard

Cost: $60

What it does: This plastic fencing keeps babies and toddlers safely contained in a certain area but still has enough room to allow her to play.

Pros: It's lightweight, and portable (it folds up and has a carrying strap). It's also "weather-resistant" so you can use it outside at the beach or in the yard. You can also use it around your Christmas tree or other things you want to prevent your baby or toddler from getting into.

Cons: Some moms don't like the idea of penning their child in—and think the plastic fence is too much like a prison. Also because it's lightweight and it doesn't anchor to anything, some toddlers will be able to push it around the room.

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