411 on the HSG Test

An HSG, or Hysterosalpingogram, is a test commonly performed on women experiencing difficulty trying to conceive -- I noticed several moms had posted questions about the procedure in Answers and in Pregnancy.

Tests involving, you know, that delicate nether region of the body can be a little scary. How is it performed? Does it hurt? I've compiled some general info on the test based on what women had to say about it.


An HSG is essentially an X-ray of your uterus and fallopian tubes -- a thin catheter is filled with dye and then inserted through the vagina and into your uterus. As the dye flows up into your uterus and tubes, pictures are taken to look for any sort of blockage or other abnormality.

Here's a quickie run-down on what moms had to say about the test:

  • It's pretty fast -- it generally takes only a few minutes.
  • It's very similar to having a pap smear done.
  • You might be asked to turn over on your side to help the dye move around.
  • You may experience a little cramping.
  • You typically get the results there on the spot, right after it's performed.

Have you had an HSG or other fertility tests performed? What was your experience?

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