Jeans Transformed to Maternity & Back Again

denim therapy make jeans maternity

Photo from Denim Therapy

I miss my jeans. I haven't bought a BellaBand and the trick with the ponytail holder isn't so comfortable for me.

I just bought a pair of denim leggings/jeans (jeggings?) that are low rise, so they clear my bump. They feel more like jeans than a regular legging, but they pull on -- no zippers. I can't find them online, but I got them for around $12 at Forever 21. I'm wearing them now and am so happy to be in jeans again!

My friend Diane knew of me missing my jeans and she sent me a link to a company that can take your regular jeans and make them maternity jeans. Then after you have the baby (or babies for moms of multiples), they will return them to the original.

Very interesting. But how much is it going to cost me?


It's $60 for Denim Therapy, an online service where you mail your jeans in and they will insert side seams to accommodate your bump. They will return them back to original form after. Can a tailor do it? Maybe a good (and willing one). They also offer the service of repairing the holes in your jeans so you never knew they were there, and more. Hmm.... I wish I was more skilled in design and with a needle and thread.

I have some pricey jeans, but my very favorite pairs are under $25 -- one from a sample sale another from...yep, my go-to, Forever 21. 

Does it make sense to spend $60 to have your favorite jeans transformed into maternity jeans and back again after pregnancy?

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