Are You Going On a Babymoon?


Me & my hubs on the beach!

My husband and I went on my babymoon last weekend -- our pre-baby vacation! We picked a great time to go since I'm in my second trimester, which is known as the honeymoon trimester...and it's true, I'm feeling pretty good.

We didn't go far -- just a three hour drive from where we live to Cape May, New Jersey, a sleepy little beach town with gorgeous Victorian homes.


The weather was perfect -- OK, it was a tad too hot -- but there was no rain and when the beach got too steamy, we went to the hotel pool. relaxing. I even wore a bikini!

I got my omega-3s in with some super fresh seafood and took fantastic naps. Our phones didn't get service and the internet wasn't working well, so we were both unplugged for four whole days! Which is pretty amazing. We even had long, detailed talks about what to name our twins. Still no final decision...but we may be getting close.

Oh and there was this pancake house called Uncle Bill's that seriously had the best pancakes I ever had. I had them topped with bananas and they serve real maple syrup...beyond delicious.

I could go for some of those pancakes right now. When we got back to reality (aka Brooklyn), we were we thoroughly de-stressed and ready to start thinking about the nursery. Oh yeah, and narrowing down those name choices.

Are you going to go on a babymoon?

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