Would You Get a Belly Facial?

belly bump facialI have a ritual for my belly bump. I use Earth Mama Angel Baby Stretch Oil in the morning and at night and it not only keeps my skin hydrated and stops any itching, but it's like a bonding time for me and my twins, who are now 22 weeks in the womb!

But there is a new service that pregnant women in the Northwest are enjoying -- it's called the Mom-2-Be Belly Bump Facial and Ugly Betty's Ana Ortiz is a fan, according to Glamour magazine.


Decleor, a French skincare line, created the belly facial for MTM Luxury Lodging hotel spas using all natural products designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate baby bumps to help prevent stretch marks. The cost? $75 for a half hour.

Hmm.... The writer for Glamour wasn't sure how she would feel about a belly massage when pregnant for a half hour and I have to agree. Don't think this is for me, even if it was $20. I'd rather pay for a back massage and take care of my belly myself.

What do you think of the belly bump facial? Would you get one?

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