Discounted Maternity Clothes: Bump Bargains!

discount maternity clothes

Photo from Bump Bargains

Fall is coming and it's my favorite fashion season. I'm reading all the fashion mags and am so sad I cannot wear most of it.

Most maternity clothes are just so expensive. Guest blogger Meredith did introduce me to the super chic (and inexpensive) Yesstyle, and I'm going to check out the fall stuff, but I also learned about Bump Bargains -- a designer maternity online shop that only sells one item a a deep discount.

Now we're talking....


I love the idea! Plus, it's just one item...often in different it's like you can shop without the guilt of buying too much. Though I do check it everyday, so if I liked everything it could get dangerous.

The deals are great -- I bought this Dolman sleeve top for 54 percent off the regular price -- it was $29.99 marked down from $74. And I'll get a lot of wear out of this top even after babies are born.

Clothes sell out fast at Bump Bargains, so I make it the first thing I do when I log into the computer each day.

Are you buying maternity clothes? Where do you shop?

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