Beautiful Pregnant Bellies

pregnant belly photos

Photo by butterfly7sp

Beautiful photo!

I love taking pictures. And I love looking at photos! Peajewel takes some great ones and it makes me want to head to her house and ask her to take some pretty ones of me during my pregnancy. I can see it now -- photoshoot outside near the barn, me under a tree looking down at my baby bump, the sun setting.... Oh lovely!

I also love seeing belly shots of other moms-to-be and how creative they get. butterfly7sp has some beautiful ones, like the photo featured here.


The San Francisco Gate hosted a contest asking women to submit photos of themselves showing off their baby bump and the entries were fantastic -- and so inspiring.

I love this pregnant silhouette photo, but there are a lot of great ones that I am going to use to inspire me for my next photo my house...with my camera on timer. Or I can ask my husband to play along with me. Check out the winners of the pregnant belly contest here.

You can check out more ideas for belly shots here on CafeMom. Oh and by the way...there was once a time when belly shots meant doing a shot of alcohol off someone's stomach. Not that I ever did that, of course, but it just makes me giggle.

Are you as photo crazy as I am? Have you documented your pregnancy in photos?

If so, post them and tag them dailybuzz!

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