Surprise, You're Having a Home Birth!

unplanned homebirth

Photo by hopinforanother

CafeMom hopinforanother planned to deliver her baby in the hospital with her midwife and OB. But it didn't turn out that way. Not even close.

She wrote an amazing play-by-play of her baby Carter's Unplanned Home Birth in Journals. Read her full story to find out what led up to it and see more great photos, but allow me to tease you with some of the most exciting parts:

"I had to rush to the toilet. My bowels began to release everything. My contractions became intense and I lost the ability to relax. I felt my son descending lower into my pelvis ..."


"The only thing that felt good was to be very vocal. I started to say that I couldn't go on. I was in denial ... still not thinking I could be in transition. My husband tried to comfort me, but I pushed him away and screamed for him to leave me alone.

"I started to walk to the car to go to the hospital but stopped in the living room. I got on the recliner with my knees in the seat and my hands on the headrest.

"My doula walked in at 3 a.m. and I asked her to 'rock my belly' with a long piece of fabric. I instantly became calm and told my husband to call 911.

"I began to bear down with the next contraction and my water broke. I got off the recliner and squatted on the floor. The 911 operator told my husband to make me lay down and pant. The doula told me to follow my body. I began making deep grunting noises. My doula continued to comfort me and reassure me.

"I tried to lay on my back but became uncomfortable so I moved to my hands and knees. I felt intense pressure in my rectum and a burning sensation as the head began to crown. I pushed as hard as I could because it relieved the pressure. I felt the head recede in between contractions, so I tensed all my muscles to keep him from going back in.

"With the next contraction, I pushed as hard as I could. I had the most intense burning sensation in my vagina but I could not stop pushing. I felt a release of pressure as the head came out! I was in disbelief when the doula told me that the head was completely out. I felt a sense of relief that the worst part was over but also a sense of panic because I didn't know if he was okay.

"My doula grabbed the phone from my husband (he was talking to the fire department) and told him to catch the baby. I pushed once more to release the shoulders and body. My husband received the baby! It was about 3:15 a.m. when he was born."

Are you ready for the possibility that your baby's delivery might not go according to plan? How would you feel about giving birth in the middle of your living room?

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