Twin Pregnancy Week by Week: 16 (Two Girls!!)

pregnancy calendar week 16

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We're joining Kim (aka wntg1grl), a stay-at-home mom of three who's expecting twins, on her exciting journey from bump-to-babies. Check back every week for the latest developments.

Week 16
What's Happening with Mom:


I had my second gender determination scan and, well, the tech says that both babies are GIRLS!!! I am so in shock by this news. I am excited, but apprehensive. I don't want them to change what they see.

Having three boys at home, two girls would be such a change that we all are welcoming ... finally! I just don't want my six lines to turn into two turtles, hehehe.


Now that we know we are expecting girls, the bedrooms need to be rearranged. The boys have decided that all three of them will share one bedroom. This will be fun for them. Then, I can make a girls' room. I am still apprehensive, so I won't start any true planning till after the first of September when I have my anatomy scan to confirm the girlyness of my girls. Then the whirlwind of moving furniture will begin! 

I still have the nausea, but not quite as bad, and I am still suffering from sciatic pain now and then, usually when I walk too much. The doctor says he'll refer me to physical therapy if it gets worse.

I am so thankful for a doctor who cares and is really paying attention and offering solutions to my problems. I also am losing my thoughts quite often ... I just plain old forget what I was going to say ... words just leave me. Very strange symptom for me.  By this time in my previous pregnancies I was pretty much feeling myself. Twins have me thrown for a loop!

What's Happening with Babies: We're fully formed now, and even have distinctive fingerprints. We can hear sounds, like mom's voice, and lanugo is starting to appear all over our bodies.

Question of the Week from Answers:

Is it normal to have pain from your back down your leg? -- mommy201988

anonymous: "It's your sciatic nerve. If I were you, I would get to a chiropracter ASAP because mine got SO bad with my first pregnancy I could hardly walk."

mrsbvader: "I started having problems with my sciatic nerve around four months with my first pregnancy. And I am already starting to notice it again at only seven weeks this time around.


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