Is Early Maternity Leave Right For You?, 7 Ways to Enjoy it: Links I Love

maternity leave

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For those of you mamas who are planning on going back to work post-baby, maternity leave is definitely something you need to keep in mind and discuss with your employer. Here are some links that give you the 411 on maternity leave:


Basic information on maternity leave. — American Pregnancy

Is early maternity leave right for you? — Lil Sugar

Recession is cutting maternity leaves short. — Parent Dish

How to make money while on maternity leave. — Yahoo! Shine

Employers not offering paid maternity leave? If you want to take a stand against it, copy and paste this letter and send to your state representative, perhaps you can make a change. — Parenting

Did you go back to work after having your baby? — Baby Buzz

7 ways to enjoy your maternity leave. — Parents

What about dad? Find out about paternity leave options. — Baby Center

Are you planning on taking maternity leave?

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