The New Generation of Mothers

Breeder new generation of mothers

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I got this book from my friend Michelle, who also passed along My Mother Wears Combat Boots after she was finished reading.

Breeder: Real Stories from the New Generation of Mothers, edited by Ariel Gore and Bee Lavender, is a collection of stories from mamas and one dad. Some pieces are gritty, some are quite sweet, and all show the range of emotions new mamas (and papas) often feel. It can be a roller-coaster of elation, sadness, fear, and happiness.

Or so I've heard. Pregnancy sure has been like that for me.


I'm just starting on this book, but I can't wait to read all the stories. Topics include home birth, a mom's sexuality, putting your dreams aside to become a stay-at-home mom, reflections on mothers from 20-something years ago, and quite a few more.

I love that they are all real stories, all showing different personalities and takes on motherhood and pregnancy and what it means to each writer. 

Do you think motherhood has changed with each passing generation?

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