Foot Bath: Summer Pregnancy Essential

foot bath pregnancy

Photo from Target

A couple of weeks ago, after a super humid day, my feet were angry at me. My ankles were swollen and they looked as pregnant as my belly. Plus, I live in the city and walking around with open toed shoes can make your feet dirty (and apparently it's a health risk), so all I wanted to do was soak and cleanse my tootsies.

But nothing I had was big enough to fit my feet unless I wanted to sit at the edge of the tub for a soak.

The next day, I bought this Conair Foot Bath ($20.99) from Target and I had happy feet again.


My friend Lindsay, who is due any day now, uses a basin with cold water. She said her feet sometimes are so hot, the water heats up the minute she dips her toes in.

I used mine with Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Feet ($8.95) and it not only smells great, but has anti-fungal herbs and essential oils. Need that!

I soaked while watching TV. My husband was in the kitchen cooking us dinner. Wow -- how lucky was I?!

I'd like to repeat that scenario again tonight. Wish me luck!

Do you soak your feet for relief?

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