Have You Fainted Yet?


fainting when pregnantWhen my mom was pregnant with me, she almost fainted when shopping...and she said the manager of the store got nervous and wanted her out. Turns out, she was hungry. Still, it's not good when you are feeling lightheaded during pregnancy.

I haven't fainted or felt faint...until yesterday.

It was 86 degrees and humid...so humid it was like there was no air. I got really winded when walking underground to my subway transfer and didn't feel right. It's hotter than hot in the subway, and there's even less air.

My heart started racing so much I could feel my pulse everywhere and I started breathing heavy.

Then I felt faint. So I stopped, tried to calm my breathing, took a couple of sips of my juice, and just waited a few minutes.

Apparently overheating could cause you to feel lightheaded and faint. Thankfully I was OK and didn't faint.

Fit Pregnancy wrote that besides overheating, fainting during pregnancy can be caused by dehydration, having low blood sugar, or standing up too quickly. But it can also be a sign of anemia, so keep your doctor in the know.

To prevent being lightheaded or fainting, you can:

  • Stay hydrated and carry snacks with you, like fruit or crackers, for a boost when needed.
  • When resting or sleeping, lie on your left side to supply the most blood throughout your body.
  • When that faint feeling does come on, if the situation allows, lay down and elevate feet higher than your head. You can also put your head between your knees.

Have you fainted or felt lightheaded? What have you done to prevent it from happening?


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LifeG... LifeGoesOn08

This isn't only for pregnant people. I had this very thing happen to me 2 weeks ago today and I am not pregnant. It was due to low blood sugar. Plus it was a little hot that day. On top of all that it caused me to have a severe panic attack on top of it. The panic attack was actually the worst part but it was pretty awful as a whole.

lilkgfan lilkgfan

I feel faint a lot but I think it's low blood pressure which I have had all my life. I have only fainted once during pregnancy and it was actually in my OB's office, unfortunately, my husband had already gone outside to start the car and there was no one around me so I ended up falling on the floor. The doctor kept me in the office for a while to make sure I was OK but I ended up being fine.

Codys... Codys_momma0711

I have blacked out only once due to low blood sugar. I'm a diabetic and get a ton of lows while prego. Its very scary even to me. I get light headed too.

mamag... mamagoose718

I fainted once when I was pregnant with my first child.  But, luckily I was in the hospital taking a tour of the maternity ward.  The nurses put me in a wheel chair and made me relax and drink some water.

Kaire... KaireasMommy

When I was pregnant with my first I has reallylow blood pressure and passed out at least once a week. The doctor even pt me on bedrest at 16 weeks because it had gotten so bad! This regnancy has been a dream though!!

littl... littleredpony

I pass out getting my epidural..every time! I also get that feeling when I am laying on the table at my OB's office. IDK what it is, get me up on that table and I start to hyperventilate and black out.

But it is not just for women and pregnancy. Our conditions does make it more likely to happen to us but my 14 yo just had to go though a whole battery of test to find out why he fainted.  3 hour sugar test and all. Thankfull everything came back normal it was proly just he got up too fast and hadn't eaten anything that day yet.

bluel... bluelady27

I fainted several times during my pregnancy.  The first time was when I was completing my internship for massage therapy school.  It was the woman's first massage ever, I was feeling sick the whole duration, and five minutes from finishing I fell right on her and the table.  I was so humiliated!  I hope I didn't scar her from ever getting massages again.

Joyan... JoyandLove

I felt lightheaded a couple of times. I have not fainted though.

Mythi... MythicMMM

For some reason my son liked to sit on the return vein from my leg. I spent most of that pregnancy unable to stand and do simple things like wash dishes or I'd start to feel like I was dizzy and going to blacking out. The one day I decided to "tough it out" I passed out in petco while waiting in the check out line.

MoM_4... MoM_4_3_2010

I drink water & gatorade like a fish! I eat like every two to three hours. I never experienced this my last pregnancy. I get the same & have to lay down right away! I have come very close but haven't fainted yet. The doc is not concerned about anemia. It's funny how it happens when I vaccum or start to wash dishes! I'm freaking because my dishes have formed Mount Everest in my sink!

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