Breaking Up During Pregnancy


breaking up during pregnancyI've written about dating when pregnant (go mamas!), but let's talk about breaking up during pregnancy.

Wow. I cannot imagine going through that -- breaking up is hard enough as it is...throw in pregnancy and it's a whole other animal. A fierce, snarling, evil clawed rabid animal.

And there are lots of mamas-to-be going through a breakup.

As we all know, pregnancy makes us emotional. Super emotional. And often, after a breakup, even if you are the one ending it, comes depression. What affects mama, also affects baby. So of course it's important for moms to stay as emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy as possible.

So what can a mama-to-be do if she finds her relationship ending when she's pregnant?

  • You want to think of your baby's health and your well-being first.
  • Surround yourself with friends and family for support.
  • Join a pre-natal yoga, knitting, or another class where moms-to-be or just new faces are getting together. Meeting new people is great to get your mind off things...and you don't have to talk about your breakup in detail with new friends.
  • Do nice things for yourself. Treat yourself to a pre-natal massage, buy yourself flowers, do things that perk up your mood and put a smile on your face.
  • Jot down your feelings in a journal. Sometimes writing it down helps reduce stress and aids in the healing process of a breakup. 

Did you go through a breakup during pregnancy? Have any other helpful suggestions to add?

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baileyxo baileyxo

The thought scares me. But I agree with getting active to keep your mind off things. Sometimes I think I'd be better off alone.

Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

I got divorced from an abusive man while I was 4 months pregnant with his child. It was scary, but the best thing I did for me and my DD. The best thing to do: rely on friends and family. They are the best allies you can have. Make NEW friends, if you feel like it. Go date again if you feel like it. I actually met the man who would become the love of my live when I joined a social networking (not dating) site to make new friends to just chat with since I was on bedrest on and off.

WLewis WLewis

I never thought that this would have happened to fiance left me 3 months pregnant. Keeping him out of my life has become quite difficult and my worry now lies with my baby's saftey. But how do I healtily process the betrayal that I feel without causing undue stress on my unborn child?

Mommy... MommyOplenty

I left my baby's father when I was 3 months pregnant. It was a difficult decision, and also one of the best ones I've ever made. He was very controlling and jealous, which made our relationship stressful and difficult. Leaving was the best thing to do for the baby, I was able to relax and take care of "us" instead of worrying about what argument or abuse would arise day by day. That ended up being the most enjoyable pregnancy that I have had, which is saying a lot... I have 5 kids. Unfortunately, I had to obtain a restraining order on the father a few months after the baby was born. I was in fear for both of our lives!  Long story short... stressful court proceedings and a trail later... the father is only allowed supervised visits 4 hours per week. A crystal ball would have been nice!

megin... meginka11

what if the father of your unborn isnt abusive, but is it to selfish to say he doesnt give me enough attention? or enough love. we fight all the time now and the fights are only about him not showing me enough love. Am i just being needy?

lacat... lacatrina

meginka, no i don't think you're needy. sometimes people don't give us enough love. sometimes relationships just don't work even if there isn't anything really dramatic.

Mrs.A... Mrs.Adams717

I broke up with my son's father after I got out of the hospital after giving birth. Talk about having the rug pulled out fro under me. He had bought us a house or at least he said it was for me and the new baby, it was an emotionally abusive relationship and after I was in labor and before going to the hospital he stopped at the ATM to make sure I paid the morgage for that month. I ended up moving back in with my mom.

3 months later I reconnected with my high school sweetheart and two years later we were married and here we are one beautiful happy family! "Up from the ashes, grow the roses of success."  God has blessed me so much and restored so much in my life.

kjsmo... kjsmommy31701

well this just happened to me.  I am 9 weeks pregnant. ANd the GUY i was seeing broke up wit me.  he is threaten me and trying to say this isnt his baby.  I am just taking it one day at a time.


aiden... aidens_mom_0854

It's one of the hardest things I had to go through with my second son. The reason why we broke up is because he thought t was okay to spank my son from

a previous relationship if he did something wrong. I dint think it was okay why would you have to spank a 2 year old. Another reason why we broke up is because I wouldn't move down there with him. I just got into housing and was on the waiting list forever I wasn't about to give up on my apartment. Well now here I am with my 1 week old in my arms and he has no clue that he was born or etc. He wasn't apart of the pregnancy wasn't there for delivery and etc. So rift there he doesn't get the pleasure of being called a father just a sperm donor.

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