Breaking Up During Pregnancy

breaking up during pregnancyI've written about dating when pregnant (go mamas!), but let's talk about breaking up during pregnancy.

Wow. I cannot imagine going through that -- breaking up is hard enough as it is...throw in pregnancy and it's a whole other animal. A fierce, snarling, evil clawed rabid animal.

And there are lots of mamas-to-be going through a breakup.


As we all know, pregnancy makes us emotional. Super emotional. And often, after a breakup, even if you are the one ending it, comes depression. What affects mama, also affects baby. So of course it's important for moms to stay as emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy as possible.

So what can a mama-to-be do if she finds her relationship ending when she's pregnant?

  • You want to think of your baby's health and your well-being first.
  • Surround yourself with friends and family for support.
  • Join a pre-natal yoga, knitting, or another class where moms-to-be or just new faces are getting together. Meeting new people is great to get your mind off things...and you don't have to talk about your breakup in detail with new friends.
  • Do nice things for yourself. Treat yourself to a pre-natal massage, buy yourself flowers, do things that perk up your mood and put a smile on your face.
  • Jot down your feelings in a journal. Sometimes writing it down helps reduce stress and aids in the healing process of a breakup. 

Did you go through a breakup during pregnancy? Have any other helpful suggestions to add?

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