What's In Your Hospital Bag?

hospital bag

Photo from Ann Veronica

Guest blog from Lucky magazine editor and CafeMom Meredith Rollins. She has a two-year-old son and is pregnant with her second, due in September.

Now that I'm fully into my third trimester, I'm starting to think about packing a bag to the hospital. But all the totes I have are too small (I'm having a C-section, so I'll be there for a few days) and all the luggage I have is too big.


So when I saw this major deal for 20 percent off at Ann Veronica, I decided to use it as

hospital bag

Merlot Kashmir pattern

from Ann Veronica

an excuse to upgrade. Their Great Diamond Island Duffle is exactly the right size, and the prints are adorable -- I'm going for the merlot kashmir.

I found this list of the most overlooked hospital bag essentials and I'm wondering what else I should be packing.

What are you putting in your hospital bag?

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