10 Maternity Essentials, Maternity Workout Clothes: Links I Love

maternity clothes

Photo by seemommysew

Maternity clothing has come a long way from the small department at your local retail store that consisted of elastic-banded denim and oversized shirts (thank goodness!). Here are some links I love about maternity style:


Whose maternity style do you prefer, Ellen Pompeo's, Sarah Michelle Gellar's or Nicole Richie's? Take the poll! — Lil Sugar

Pregnant is sexy! Spice up things in the bedroom with this sexy maternity lingerie. — Cool Mom Picks

Designer Rebecca Taylor shares her secrets on maternity wear staples. — Cookie

Enter for a chance to win $584 dollars worth of chic Paulina Maternity! — Celeb Baby

Ten maternity clothing essentials at two price points. — Babble

Tips on finding affordable and stylish maternity workout clothes. — That's Fit

What does your favorite maternity outfit look like? Do you wear baggy clothes or clothes that show your baby bump? 

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