My Latest Pregnancy Craving

baby shower gifts

Photo from What Every Baby Needs

I crave watermelons, burritos, tacos, pasta with peas and garlic and oil, and lemonade, lemonade, and more lemonade, but my most recent pregnancy craving is wanting to buy things for my twins!

I actually haven't bought a thing yet. I was given a layette set and also Earth Mama Angel Baby's A Little Something for Baby gift sets, but other than that I've been waiting. Patiently.

We're moving tomorrow, so that's the main reason why. Who needs to pack more stuff? But once we're settled into our new place...lookout -- it's on!


If my husband reads this, I know his response. Uh, honey...with what money do you plan on buying all this stuff?

My response, as it is always is, would be: Don't worry sweets, I'm thrifty!

One thing I really want is this adorable miYum Organic Lovey Blankee ($14.99) from What Every Baby Needs. Just the fact that it's called a lovey blankee is the cutest.

You can choose monkey or giraffe (or both is you're like me and have twins coming) and it's not just a blanket -- I would use them as puppets and the knotted ends are also great for when baby starts teething. Cute!

What Every Baby Needs also has a gift registry in case you love these so much too and want to add it to your list. Every product here is tested and approved by the owner, who is a mom with another one on the way! Plus, they sell predominantly organic and eco-friendly items. Safe for the earth, safe for baby. Love it!

Do you have an item you really can't wait to buy your baby?

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