A Birth Story Circa 1972

birth story 1972

Me and mom: the early days

My mom (aka joey125) has told me about my birth, her first birth story, but I wanted to ask her more now that I am going to have my first babies in December.

It's incredible to hear of what she went through in 1972.

Here's my mom's story...


Before I got pregnant, one doctor told me I probably could not have children, since my uterus was too small. When I was ready to give birth, I told one of the nurses what the doctor said and she said, "Well your uterus sure did grow."

I had very little morning sickness during the pregnancy, just the smell of mustard in the morning made me sick. My husband worked nights and ate a sandwich when he came home and always left the knife in the sink...with the mustard on it!

I remember when I first told him I was pregnant. I was crying, you know, happy tears. He was so thrilled -- he had to tell everyone. I liked being pregnant -- it felt good and the end result is just fabulous.

Mom and me today

Michele's due date was October 26th -- that came and went. A few days later the doctor told me to go to the hospital since I was late -- they wanted to induce me on Halloween. I didn't want her to be born on that day, so I told them I'd be back in a few days. I went back on November 2nd.

I was in labor for about six hours at Interboro Hospital in East New York, Brooklyn. In the middle of it all, they took me to X-ray since I was not dialating.  I could hear the technicians saying that the baby was bigger than the mother. Needless to say, I was scared sh@&! The nurse I had was not very compassionate.

Eventually, they broke my water with what I thought was a big knitting needle, they gave me Sodium Pentothal, which if you ask me does nothing. They also gave me Ether at the end, which was also ridiculous since she was already coming out.

I gained a total of 30 pounds. Michele was born at 4:45pm on November 2, 1972. She was 7 pounds 11 ounces and I think 21 inches long.

Things have improved with regards to childbirth now -- women have become more informed and since I had Jen (my younger daughter) naturally I can say it was much less scary. 

Thanks mom for sharing the details with CafeMom!

It's amazing how far we've come isn't it?

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