Pacifier Clip: Take It or Leave It


paci clip pacifier clip binky clip

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Rustic Guitar pacifier clip, $6

If you think your baby is going to use a pacifier, plan to have plenty on hand—they'll constantly get dropped, dirty, or lost. And the last thing you want is a baby who wants his binky, which is nowhere to be found.

So consider today's Take It or Leave It registry product.


Item: Pacifier Clip (a.k.a. paci clip, binky clip)

Cost: Anywhere from a few dollars to around $20

What it does: Keeps your baby's pacifier securely attached to his clothing.

Pros: It prevents your little one's binky from constantly dropping on the floor and getting dirty—or lost.

Cons: You don't really know if you'll need it—even if you're planning on using a pacifier, your baby may not take one.

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