Was It Harder to Get Pregnant with Kid Number 2?

trying to conceive

Photo by cozycabinmom

Seems like you hear it all the time -- "I got pregnant so easily the first time, and this time I'm having trouble."

Just how common is it?


JrsMommy07 asked moms if it was harder to get pregnant the second time around in Polls -- most of the mommies who answered said it was actually easier. And a good number said they weren't officially " trying" either time.

But if you do encounter difficulty, you may find yourself looking for ways to boost fertility. (Cafe Sheri, the Home & Garden blogger, said a friend of hers who'd had trouble conceiving for years tried acupuncture and, boom -- pregnant.) And you can find some wonderful support with Pregnant or Trying to Conceive or Trying to Conceive After a Miscarriage.

What's your experience? If you've already had a baby, did you find it harder to conceive a second time?

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