House Hunting During Pregnancy

house hunting pregnancy

The beginnings of our babies' room

House hunting, well really apartment hunting in my case, is super stressful no matter when you do it. Add in pregnancy and it's a whole other ballgame.

When my hubs and I found out we were having twins, we knew we had to move out of our small one bedroom with a tiny office apartment. We were already bursting out of it and it was on the third floor of a walk-up.

As my husband said to me: You don't like carrying the laundry up those stairs, can you imagine two babies and a carriage? No, I can't.

So we started looking back in June....


And we looked, and looked, and looked. Yes, the real estate market was in our favor, but everything we were seeing was either much more expensive yet with the same square footage as we had or it was big with horrible kitchens and bathrooms. Remember we're renters, so it's not like we want to invest money in fixing anything ourselves.

Two months (and maybe 30 something apartments) later, we found something -- a huge loft-like space with an upstairs master bedroom just a few blocks from where we already live, which is great because we love our neighborhood. The only problem was that it was a new construction and a lot of work needed to be finished in two weeks time from when the landlord said we can move in.

We monitored progress on the place and like we feared, it wasn't ready on time. Grrrr! Don't mess with a pregnant lady!

Thankfully our landlord where we were living allowed us to stay, but only because he hadn't rented it yet. So it worked out fine.

Moving day...stress city. I didn't lift anything of course, but I was on my feet all day, didn't eat as well as I should have, and when all was moved in around 7pm that night, we didn't have hot water. Grrrr again!

I was in need of a shower and so tired, plus my feet were so swollen -- it was a 90 degree and humid day. Thank goodness my sister lives really close, so we showered at her house...even watched the latest True Blood before heading to our new place to sleep for the first time.

A day later, the hot water is on, but none of the electric outlets work in the master bedroom. Annoying. It'll get fixed, I know, but just a hassle. However, I am so happy we moved now and not after the babies are born.

I found this post in the Pregnancy group on house hunting when pregnant and lots of you have been going through similar issues with moving when PG...and trying not having a breakdown.

Have you moved during your pregnancy? What was your experience like?

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