Omega-3 for the Mama-to-Be

omega-3 pregnancy

Photo from Van's

My husband and I don't eat fish. I would eat salmon, maybe, but we don't cook it and unless someone would like to invite us over for some well-seasoned salmon that doesn't taste like salmon, then it's not happening.

I know the importance of omega-3s for me and my babies during pregnancy -- it helps build the baby's brain, develop the nervous system, and it even helps with pregnancy brain and is said to help prevent pre-eclampsia and pre-term labor. I also love this blog post from The Spoiled Mama called O-me-ga(sh)!


My prenatal vitamin has DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which is great. But when my OB told me what fish is safe for pregnant women to eat, I cringed. So I talked to my doula about it and she told me to get omega-3 cereal instead of eating my favorite Honey Nut Cheerios.

I didn't love the cereal I tried, but then I saw these omega-3 flax waffles from Van's. And they are delicious. OK, everything tastes great with some syrup, but it's good I'm getting my omega fill.

I'll still eat the salmon if anyone's cooking, but I also really love this option.

How do you get your omega-3s?

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