Sperm and Egg Donors Increased, Celeb Look-Alike Donors: Links I Love

sperm donorWhether you're a single woman who is ready to have a baby and just haven't found Mr. Right yet, or if your SO's swimmers just ain't able to quite get there, you may have looked into getting a sperm donor. Here are some links:


Want your baby to resemble Brad Pitt? An L.A. sperm bank is adding celebrities that the donor looks like in their donor profiles. — Lil Sugar

Thanks to the recession, sperm and egg donors have increased. — Cookie

Who needs a man? 45 reasons to have a baby right now, even if you're single. — Babble

Nontraditional families are becoming traditional. — Parent Dish

Frozen eggs, frozen ovaries, frozen sperm...how far would you go to have a baby? — Baby Buzz

Have you thought about or have used a sperm donor? If so, what was your experience like?

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