Do I Really Need a Diaper Bag?

diaper bag

Photo from tippythai

I am one of those people skeptical about the whole must-have items for parents-to-be. I know I need a lot of things, but do I really need a diaper bag?

Can't I just use a large with compartments?


I don't like the look of most diaper bags. The ones I do like, look like regular bags to me. So why can't I open up my options and buy a regular bag? Or better yet, use a bag I already have and buy things I really need with the money. Some of those diaper bags are so expensive!

I know I will probably need a changing pad, but that would fit.

Check out these two cool bags, perfect for a "diaper bag."

diaper bag

Photo from CalviRee


Hemp/Cotton Lines Bag from tippythai ($29) -- seen above.

Nantucket Bucket Bag from CalviRee ($35) -- at right.

Am I insane for thinking this way? Are you going to buy a diaper bag or use a bag you already have?

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