Do I Really Need a Diaper Bag?

diaper bag

Photo from tippythai

I am one of those people skeptical about the whole must-have items for parents-to-be. I know I need a lot of things, but do I really need a diaper bag?

Can't I just use a large with compartments?

I don't like the look of most diaper bags. The ones I do like, look like regular bags to me. So why can't I open up my options and buy a regular bag? Or better yet, use a bag I already have and buy things I really need with the money. Some of those diaper bags are so expensive!

I know I will probably need a changing pad, but that would fit.

Check out these two cool bags, perfect for a "diaper bag."

diaper bag

Photo from CalviRee


Hemp/Cotton Lines Bag from tippythai ($29) -- seen above.

Nantucket Bucket Bag from CalviRee ($35) -- at right.

Am I insane for thinking this way? Are you going to buy a diaper bag or use a bag you already have?

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amybu... amybuddy45

I registered for a big one and a medium and I got them both.  I also have a bottle coller bag-good for water bottles for myolder kids too.  I did win a butlerbag from another website-that is really cool.  I need a diaper bag for all my little one needs, plus I can put things in there for my older ones too!

Lokis... LokisMama

I carry an over the shoulder messenger-style tote as my purse anyway, so when I go anywhere I just throw what I need in there, since there's more than enough room.

amand... amandaj79

I do recomend you get a diaper bag. Make sure it has plenty of space inside, you will need it, and compartments, you will need those as well.  The bigest difference between a regualr bag and a diaper bag is the liner on the inside of the bag.  You definatly want something that is going to resist spills and messes and as far as the material on the outside just make sure the whole bag can be thrown in the washer from time to time.  Trust me! You will be glad you did this!blowing kisses

auror... aurorabunny

YES, you really do need a diaper bag.  Trust me. :)  Look on Etsy, they have really cute ones.

KatieP. KatieP.

No I never used a real diaper bag. I got one as a gift but it turned out that all those compartments actually drove me crazy when looking for things, what worked for me was a big beach bag type thing from old navy.....

fmchavez fmchavez

Meh. I just used a regular big bag. But I really was just carrying around diapers and wipes since I was breastfeeding. I didn't need extra compartments for bottles and what not. Target has these awesome looking one shoulder bags, but I'm not sure how well they work. I registered for one and no one got it for me :( But I got a great jansport purse on sale and that worked.

ethan... ethans_momma06

My DS bought me a big bag from Talbots for my baby shower. Def. not a diaper bag but I loved it.

I never really used a regular diaper bag (although I did have one), using a large purse or other type of bag worked fantastic for me!

prett... prettyinpink2

I have an Eddie Bauer tote bag that I use and love it more than my diaper bags.  My only suggestions is buy something with zippers. 

Cafe... Cafe Sheri

I didn't buy a "diaper bag," well, I think I actually did but barely used it. I used a variety of bags I already owned, depending on the outing — sometimes just a bigger purse with a few diapers and wipes and a bottle. However, I was also that mom who was never super organized and could pull out an extra outfit or snack or bandaid at any given moment. I just sat by the moms who were good like that. :)

During the heavy milk-toting months (bottles and pumped milk) and early food even, I did use a bag that I could wipe out. There's no end to the baby ooze, it seems. And depending on your kids' spit-upped-ness, you may need to carry multiple outfits, bibs, and burp rags at all times in the early months (plus all the moist ones you go through). We went through all this like crazy cause both mine loved to spit up.

athenax3 athenax3

For me a diaper bag is a must have, they have compartments and straps you generally don't find in other bags, which makes it tons easier to pack and actually later locate the things you need. but they have gotten crazy expensive so I am shopping at consignment stores for a couple (I like to have a couple on hand in different sizes) to save money.

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