Bloody Nose Common When Pregnant

bloody nose pregnantI've been a bloody nose kind of girl. I get them in winter when it's dry in the house, but nothing major. Enter pregnancy and I am getting them a whole lot...and it's summer!

The last one I got was in the middle of the night. I woke up and thought my nose was running. Groggy, I wiped my nose with my hand, but it was wet. Wet wet. So I got up went to the bathroom and found blood all over my face and a new trickle streaming out of my nose. Yikes!

Time out -- baby kicking! I'm feeling my belly right now and baby boy must have just wanted to say hello. Hi baby!

So back to nose bleeds. What the heck?


My OBGYN must think I'm nuts -- every appointment I have a new list of things to ask her about. But she's always the best about it. Answers me, calms me down, and then even asks What else? She knows of the list and is eager to answer everything.

My doctor told me that the same reason I hear my own heartbeat in my ears, I am getting bloody noses -- the increased blood flow in the body during pregnancy. An air-conditioned room can also bring on a nose bleed because our snozzes are more sensitive.

Are you experiencing nosebleeds when pregnant?

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