It's a Boy! And a Girl!

gender of baby

My baby boy says hi!

Big news! I found out the genders of my twins -- a boy and a girl!

I'm so excited to be giving my mom her first grandson and my father-in-law is thrilled that there is finally a boy in the family to carry on the family name. And of course...who can't be excited about a little girl!

It was such a great moment. I was getting my ultrasound and the doctor asked if we were ready to know. My husband and I squeezed hands -- yes!


Then she showed us the penis on Baby B. Tears came out of my eyes and my husband squeezed my hand even harder.

Next it was time for Baby A. From the beginning, I felt that I was carrying a boy and a girl, so I kept saying in my head: girl girl girl. And then she said it -- Baby A is a girl!

Guess those fears I had about being able to tell my twins apart if they were the same gender was all for nothing!

But then I thought about all those stories I've heard where parents are told what they are having only to be surprised at birth that the info was wrong. Darn hormones making me think too much.

Of course the best news of all was that both babies seem to be developing on track and everything is looking great. They even waved hello!

Now it's onto narrowing down names.

Are you going to find out the gender of your baby or babies? What are you having?

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