Why Can't I Find White Maternity Jeans?

white maternity jeans

Photo from Nordstrom

Guest blog from Lucky magazine editor and CafeMom Meredith Rollins. She has a two-year-old son and is pregnant with her second, due in September.

Jeans are, obviously, a wardrobe essential. But finding jeans that fit perfectly -- even when you aren't pregnant -- is not easy. And finding fantastic maternity jeans that don't cost close to $200 ($200! for something you're going to wear, at best, twice a week for seven months!) is just as difficult.

You know what's even harder? Finding white maternity jeans.


For me, white jeans are a great summer staple: perfect for casual nights out and for days when I don't let my toddler near me with anything that will stain.

But chic, not-slouchy-or-too-cropped white maternity jeans -- especially ones under $150 -- are completely elusive. The closest I've found is this excellent pair from James Jeans, which is narrow and flattering but not too skinny. Marked down, in lots of sizes, at Nordstrom; from $176 to $104.90. Not cheap, by any means! But if I knew I were going to have a couple more kids after this one, they're an investment I'd totally make.

Would you ever spend over $100 for any kind of maternity jeans?

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