Nursing Covers: Take It or Leave It?

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Photo from Bebe au Lait

I was never really completely comfortable breastfeeding in public so I tried to do it as discreetly as possible. I would have loved to have received this week's Take it or Leave it as a shower gift. What about you?


Item: Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

Cost: $35

What it does: If you're modest about nursing in public, it allows you to do so discreetly—and in style. Unlike a blanket or towel, the nursing cover secures at your neck so it stays in place and you can position yourself comfortably.

Pros: It's designed with a rigid neckline so even though it covers everything, your baby can still see you and has plenty of breathing room (plus the fabric is nice and light). It helps new breastfeeding moms take the time to have the baby latch on without stressing about whether she's being gawked at.

Cons: Some babies may not like being enclosed. If you think you'll be comfortable breastfeeding in public, you probably don't need this product.

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