So, I'm Pregnant. What's the Big Deal?

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I was over the moon when I found out about my son, my first pregnancy that took a little bit of doing. I was a tad shocked but still pleased when I learned about my daughter (who was coming sooner than expected).

So, sure, it's hard for me to relate to what moms like briana_paige are feeling:


"When I found out, I was shocked, scared, and upset. I didn't want a baby yet. Now I'm okay with the being pregnant thing, but I'm still not the least bit excited. My husband, on the other hand, is ecstatic, completely overjoyed. He doesn't understand how I can't be excited. It really upsets him and I've tried to explain to him that I can't help it and that if I could make myself be excited that I would. I'm still going to love this baby no matter what, but I can't fake an emotion I don't feel."

But still, I sympathize.

I know how hard it is when something goes not according to plan. briana_paige wondered if there was something wrong with her, and according to many CafeMoms who answered her post in the Newcomer's Club, her reaction is common and normal. The joy of impending motherhood does not hit everyone at the same time in the same way.

One mom only got excited when she heard the heartbeat for the first time.

Another felt it with that very first kick.

One mom is only getting excited now, 11 days before her due date.

Were you excited from the very first second you learned you were pregnant or did it take a while to sink in? Why were you less than thrilled (divorce, money)?

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