Who Will Be with You in the Delivery Room?

mom_of2angels13 asked who she should have with her in the delivery room over in Pregnancy -- an interesting question that all moms-to-be face. For me, it was an open-and-shut case -- just my partner and no one else (no offense, Mom!). But everybody has different emotional needs. mom_of2angels13 is considering having her 2-year-old there with her and her husband when she delivers, so she asked other moms who they had with them. Here's what women had to say.


On the issue of having her 2-year-old in the room for the event, moms were split -- hollieham0 pointed out that the hospital might not even allow it, and to inquire now. SpurgeonMom said her hospital offers a class for kids that are going to be in the delivery room to help prepare them for it. And several moms felt two years old was just too young to be in attendance.

And who did other moms have with them?

  • lajoy had her mom and her husband in the room for two deliveries, but says it will just be her and the hubby for number three.
  • AaronsMommy1015 is going for female support -- she's going to have her mom and step mom with her, and her husband will be with their young son while she delivers.
  • Jordys_mommy says it's hubby only -- she's going to leave her toddler with the grandparents so that her husband can be there with her and "be totally focused."
  • klaniro is pregnant with her first, so there are no sibs to deal with -- she'll have her husband with her and the grandparents waiting outside until all of the action is over. She said her mom wanted to be in the room with her, but she's a private person and having anyone else around would just add to her stress.

What about you? Who will be in the delivery room with you when you give birth?

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