Get Paid for Having Babies in the UK

I just read that the Brits are launching a new financial program in 2009 -- a Health in Pregnancy Grant (HPG). All pregnant women will be entitled to the money -- a one-time payment available to mums-to-be from the 25th week of pregnancy.

How cool is that?


All the expectant mom has to do is have her health care provider sign a form stating that they've offered medical advice during the pregnancy. The payment is projected to be about 190 pounds (roughly equivalent to 300 US dollars) and is meant to help the woman cover any costs (health or otherwise) she will encounter as she prepares for the birth of her baby. The money will be non-taxable and won't interfere with any other benefits the woman may be entitled to.

Having babies is expensive, for sure -- two ways to connect with moms looking to be mindful of money around here are through the Deals & Steals and Free Baby Stuff groups.

But in general -- what do you think of the idea of a pregnancy grant? All good, or just a drop in the bucket and an unnecessary burden on the government?

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