Rock Concerts: Is It Safe?

rock concerts and pregnancy is it safe

Did Gwyneth rock to Coldplay
while pregnant?

My friend is expecting and her husband is in a band. She was wondering if it was safe to go to one of his shows.

I told her I was pretty sure that Gwyneth Paltrow went to see hubbie Chris Martin's band Coldplay while she was with child and she seems like she'd be on top of all kinds of pregnancy health issues. That made her feel a little better, but she wanted to hear it from a doctor. So here's what the expert has to say.

"If you're expecting and headed to a rock concert, this is probably a safe activity for your little one," says Marsha Silberstein, M.D., of the Pregnancy Guru. "Just remember, your baby’s cochlea (inner ear) is fully developed by 22 weeks. After that the baby can hear everything that you can hear. To protect your baby’s hearing, you’ll want concerts to be an occasional indulgence, not an every night affair."

Will you continue to go to rock concerts while you're pregnant?

is it safe


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mommy... mommyajay

I was curious about being able to go, im excited now to know that i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TKsMo... TKsMommie

I went to one with each pregnancy!!  Have fun!!

poohb... poohbear3333

Depends on who the band is. My step sons mom just took them(age 11 and 13) to a Mayham concert. To me thats just a little too much.

rozepyle rozepyle

yeah... she had access to safe places that us normies dont have access too

and no i wouldnt do it, the last show i went to i ended up with a sprained finger and someone elses blood all over my hair. its called a mosh pit and reckless skanking lol

auror... aurorabunny

I researched it a bit when I was pregnant and then went ahead and went, it's fine.  Well if you use common sense, obviously you don't want to be pregnant and in the middle of a mosh pit.

Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

I went when I was pregnant, and the doctor told me that the best rule is this: if it hurts your ears, it hurts your unborn baby's ears. Also, not to stand close to a bass speaker since it is low but sends very strong vibrations into the amniotic fluid. But it is a VERY safe thing as long as you're smart about it.

momof... momof3jll

I went to a Korn concert when I was 7 months and my sister went to a Metallica concert when she was 9 months. We were up in the stands though so there was no pushing and shoving. But that was only once during each pregnancy, we weren't out every night!


I went to a "Rock The Bells" concert 2 years ago when I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter. It was lots of fun. Luckily, we were in the VIP section which had cold drinks, places to sit, and air conditioning in case we needed a break.

justa... justanotherjen

I went to a WWE event when I was like 36 weeks with my first.  They happened to be at the University of Missouri in Columbia the day before my husband's 24th birthday so I got tickets for him and we went.  That was June 10, I was due July 9.  It was a small arena and I forgot all about all the pyro stuff they do.  It is freaking loud when they blow up fireworks inside and you are like 50 feet from the ring.  The one reaked the baby out.  She went completely ridid which her feet up in my lungs and her head on my bladder.  I doubled over from the pain of that and limped out of the arena, lol.  She was fine once it was quiet and didn't bother me again (I stayed outside when the wrestlers came to the ring to avoid the pyro noise).  She's 9 now and perfectly normal and her hearing is fine.  She suffered no ill effects from our outing (she was actually born about 3 weeks later).

rebec... rebecca_tal4

i went to a DEFTONES concert at 7 1/2 months preggo!!! it was the BEST show i have ever been to!!! i remember walking up to the house of blues and everyone one staring at me lol!!

anyway we found a  lil niche  pretty close to the stage but behind a short wall and stayed there the entire time. i didnt get pushed around or anything and i think its perfectly ok as long as you arent too close to the speakers or getting pushed around!

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